Lion Shield
Based in Grants Pass, OR

Founding date:
September 6, 2016


Press / Business contact:

Pete Angstadt
Michael Peddicord

Kingdoms And Castles

+1 (510) 459-8117


Lion Shield seeks to make games with three core values: players' creative expression, strategic decisions, and beauty.



Lion Shield was founded by Peter Angstadt and Michael Peddicord. Together they have worked on popular games including Abzu, Journey, Boom Blox, and Cannon Brawl. They both have a long standing passion for making games and first met senior year in highschool, at a LAN party. They discovered a mutual interest in creating and playing games. Both chose to attend the Oregon Institute of Technology as roommates. In their spare time they focused on making small games for game development contests, both individually and as a team.


Pete made 3D games for mobile phones in highschool and interned at Heavy Iron Studios in Los Angeles and later at Maxis in Emeryville, CA. After college, Pete returned to Maxis. In 2011 Pete won the Activision Independent Game Development contest which funded his three year indie project, Cannon Brawl. Cannon Brawl was also featured in PAX 10 in 2012. After Cannon Brawl, Pete moved to LA to work on ABZU at Giant Squid. Upon completion of that game, he left Giant Squid to focus on Kingdoms and Castles.


Michael won an intership at EA Tiburon in Orlando, FL through an experimentalgameplay.com contest. The next summer he took a second intership at EA in Los Angeles. There he helped further build out the editor for Boom Blocks Bash Party. After college, he joined thatgamecompany working on the PS3 game Journey. Michael then slowly transitioned first to casino gaming software, and then to business software. He's currently living in Medford, OR, working on Kingdoms and Castles as a part time side project.



Kingdoms and Castles: Launch Trailer YouTube


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